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Joy The Book Keeper

Provides business customers a free Tax Savings Analysis with a Small-Business Tax Specialist to help owners understand their business taxes which can help save you thousands each year.

How Can We help your business Succeed?


Business Formation & Licensing

We set you up to minimize your tax burden from the start. Register with our state as a legal entity LLC or Corporation.  Limited Liabity Company (LLC) gives you the flexibity on the way your taxed S Corporations protects you from double taxation.  Both enties protect your personal assets from business Liabities.

Business Tax

Taxes prepared and filed with tax strategy and advice.  Helping business owners get the tax credits and saves which they qualify for.  Tax Savings Consultation


Joy the Bookkeeper saves you time & Money by taking care of your back-office tasks.  We accurately categorize transactions and reconcile accounts, we track your mileage, send invoices and manage your accounts receivables.  Certified Bookkeepers help business make decisions based on finanical information


We run your payroll for you and your employees as well as file your payroll taxes.  We will keep you up to date with credits like the ERC (employee Retention credit)

Sales/Use Tax


We calculate and prepare your sales/use or nexus tax based on the latest rates in your area for your industry.

Notary/Signing Agent

We have the ability to notarize your general documents as well as assist in loan signing notarization.

Bookkeeping Workflow


I have been working with joy the bookkeeper for over 2 years and then quality of work is expeditionary

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Chef Chell

CEO, Queen of Soul Food.

I have been working with Joy the bookkeeper for exactly 2 years now and she has help my business from the beginning: formation, marketing materials, grants and taxes. She is very informative!

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Jerk Queen

Ghetto Fabulous Kitchen

For accurate and professional taxes please book Joy the bookKeeper. Joy the Bookkeeper is the person for all business and personal taxes. I would recommend Joy the Bookkeeper for her knowledge, professionalism and great customer service.

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AJY1 variety store

Great work., done by a great company.


Visual Artist

Joy The Bookkeeper INC.

Joy the bookkeeper was incorporated in 2016, founded by veteran bookkeepers, auditors and tax preparers. with the intent to bring their experience from every industry to your local business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide financial expertise to small businesses in every industry specializing in Transportation, daycare, restaurants and retail stores. Our services are powered by a mix of expert and technology, enabling businesses to minimize tasks while maximizing tax savings.

Frequently Asked

We’re one of the only Tax & Accounting companies who cares about the underdog. Our founder, Joy Williams, knows how hard it is to build a brand with $0 dollars. You don’t get the same resources and opportunities as successful companies because you can’t afford it or you don’t know the right people. We wanted to create an online accounting experience that gives you the same knowledge, strategies and white glove services for half the cost of a CPA firm.

Yes, we do. Joy The Bookkeeper, will handle your small business tax filing each year.

Yes, our accounting team is well versed with most of the popular bookkeeping softwares out there. We’re very flexible and knowledgable when it comes to software options.


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Joy the Bookkeeper provides business consulting, bookkeeping and tax filing for busy entrepreneurs and business of all sizes.


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